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Ability is a coaching company. We offer leadership development for individuals, teams and entire organizations. We believe real growth comes from within.

The key to great leadership is awareness.


Leadership Development Program

9-month program for leaders to transform themselves, their teams and their organizations based on a comprehensive organizational development concept. A powerful growth journey towards enhanced leadership and greater resilience.


Leadership Bootcamp

Intense 3.5-day workshop in nature for leaders to enhance feedback skills, foster high-performance teamwork, and grow together.


Executive Coaching  

Unlock your full potential with Individual Executive Coaching. As solution-focused approach to change, coaching is an incredible vehicle for personal and professional development.  


Team Experiences

Our Team Experiences work is highly customized and varies depending on the team’s needs. For some clients, it means investing in long-term team performance, for others solving underlying conflicts or accelerating a new team constellation.  


Monika Hoffmann

Founder / Managing Partner

Monika is founder of viable, a digital product company. She has experience as corporate manager for a 2 bn EUR revenue business and as strategy consultant for McKinsey. Monika studied International Business, holds an MBA from Harvard and is trained in group dynamics and coaching.  

Alexander Laqua

Founder / Managing Partner

Alexander is owner and board member of Haufe Group, with expertise in family businesses and governance. He has a diverse background from Gas Turbines to ERP SaaS product management. Alexander holds a master’s in aerospace engineering and is trained in group dynamics and coaching. 

Marion Schoeller

Marion Schoeller, a former opera singer, transitioned to coaching. She is trained in breath, body work and voice coaching. Guided by her strong intuition and experience in trauma recovery, she excels in resolving team conflicts and creating opportunities for cultural development.  



It’s always an honor for us to be a guide on our clients’ paths towards enhanced leadership and greater resiliency. Coaching makes the unconscious conscious so that you can decide what outcomes you would like. We’re here to support you and your team members in bringing forth the best that you have.  


We value direct communication.
Reach out, and we'll get back to you.

​“We became more effective within the team and facing challenges outside - a learning journey for each individual and the team.” ​

Andreas Krinninger

Executive Board Member,
KION Group AG​

​“The work with Monika and Alexander creates real shareholder value. They create a multiplier effect – it cascaded down the organization.”​

Andreas Brandstetter

CEO Uniqa

“Alex and Monika helped us transform a board from a fragmented loose set of people into a high-performing team.” ​

Michael Schuster

​Supervisory Board Member Erste Group,
co-Founder Speedinvest​


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